My life has been blessed with SO many amazing kids and families!  The posts in this blog will nearly all contain someone from this list of nanny positions.  If not, its most likely about my nieces or nephews- or possibly the occasional friends’ kids.  I am more thankful than words can express for every moment of my life that has been filled with the love, laughter, challenge and great joy of caring for kids afforded to me by the loving parents who welcome me into their homes and hearts.  Without them my life would be truly lacking.  As any parent would tell you, I also am amazed at just how many kids my heart can fit!  To say that I have loved and continue to love each of these kids is no exaggeration!  My heart holds 24 kids and counting- and I wouldn’t have it ANY other way!!!

1997-1999 (Junior & Senior years of High School)

  • It all begins with Mari.  She was the first little one I babysat for on a regular basis starting when she was a couple months old.  I met her mom at Jazzercise and vividly remember her picking me up from school before I could drive so that I could spend the afternoon/evening watching her sweet little girl.
  • My second regular babysitting job was with the Edwards family.  They had 5 kids but I honestly only remember the names of the youngest 3 (sad I know.)  Vera & Tom were 3 year old twins and Mary Rose was one.  This was a large and growing Jewish family where each member played an instrument and mostly I remember the twins’ fascination with caterpillars.
  • This is also the period of time where I began teaching Sunday School at my church- I taught a great group of kindergarteners on Sunday mornings and snuggled with the babies on Wednesday nights.  I loved it and had photos of each of the kids on the back of my bedroom door at home- it was where I put every sort of the most important things 🙂

2001 (Junior & Senior years of College)

  • After David and I got married I searched for a part time job and became the ‘evening nanny’ for Harrison, Elliott & Alma.  They had a full time day nanny who was wonderful and I came in the afternoon to play, make dinner, and put the kids to bed.  I also did frequent overnight/weekend gigs.  During my Senior year of college I took part time classes and worked quite a bit more hours for this family.  David and I were hooked on the nanny profession.  He became just as attached to the kids as I did.  Our last evening with the kids we took them to Red Robin for dinner and went to the park to fly kites and Styrofoam airplanes.  I fondly remember countless trips through the carwash, walks to ‘dog-poop-park’, hours of building towns from wooden blocks, Elliott’s LOVE of his red boots (and anything red, really), Harrison’s love of reading stories, Alma’s adorable way of holding anything she could find to her ear as a phone and the lullaby their mom sang to them.  About one year after I moved to Colorado and left this job they contacted me and asked if they could fly David and I back to Portland to watch the kids while they went on vacation.  We jumped at the chance and enjoyed a fabulous week reconnecting with these great kids!

2003 –

  • Kristina & Kai were the first kids I cared for after moving to Colorado Springs.  I watched these kids part time for a couple of months.  I remember Kristina was the first 2 year old I knew who would just take a bite out of an apple whole.  For some reason that amazed me.  She loved stickers and giggling and anything girly.  –
  • Leah came into my life just a few short months after moving to Colorado Springs just before her first birthday.  I remember going to the interview in a skirt that was black with blue and purple flowers.  I think the skirt got me the job!  Leah was taken by it and came over to me right away to look at the flowers I was wearing.  It afforded me a great opportunity to interact with her.  Later her parents told me that I was the only person they interviewed that Leah interacted with at all and that is how they knew that I was the one for the job!  Leah is now in 4th grade and is so special to me there it would take up the entire page to list off the memories I hold most dear.  She’s my pal, my buddy, and I hope someday we grow into true friends.  I often say that I want to be like Leah when I grow up.  She’s active, smart, kind, gentle, patient, brave and the list goes on.  She is amazing to me and I love her with my whole heart.
  • Grace is Leah’s best friend.  I’ve watched her quite a bit separate from Leah but also with Leah.  She is the same age and in a lot of ways the polar opposite of Leah.  I love her spunk and her spirit, her cleverness and humor.

2006 –

  • Once Leah no longer needed me full time, I searched for additional part time work and found it with Anna, Zach & Matthew.  These sweet kiddos were my first experience with a family built by adoption.  I didn’t work with this family for very long but I still keep in touch and am inspired by this families love and life.

2007 –

  • Abigail was a sweet treasure, gift from God!  This job was literally 2 blocks from my house.  It was full time care of a medically fragile newborn for 2 months (until she was medically safe to go to daycare.)  I spent the day completely soaked up in her sweet face, holding her nearly every moment- feeding her on demand (my first experience with this) and loving on her.  Those days were so very precious.
  • Here come the triplets!  I was ecstatic to work with these little sweet hearts!  Jameson, Kyle & Sullivan had my heart the very first time I cradled their teeny tiny bodies.  I absolutely LOVED the joys and challenges of caring for multiples and will forever be grateful that I got to be a part of their lives!  Even at 5 pounds these little ones had such unique personalities that only grew as they did.  Mounds of laundry every day, bottles galore, hours spent in one room of the house- three bouncy seats and always at least one baby to hold.  This was the first mom I really became friends with.  This job was my first and only (to date) job to end painfully which I regret, but I learned so much and would never trade it for anything!

2008 –

  • While I was still with the triplets, I started an early morning job helping a family where the Dad was deployed, and then the following year the Mom was deployed.  Nick, Tony & Katie were such a joy to get to know.  Most of my time was spent with Nick who gave me the opportunity to watch nearly every episode of Sponge Bob, Avatar (cartoon), and Back at the Barnyard.  He had an engineers brain and loved detailed Legos and playing the game Life.  Saddened they had to leave when the Airforce moved them to Florida we still keep in touch and that is so special to me.
  • Maddie is memorable even though I only watched her for one week.  It was a Mom and her two kids here from out of town.  Maddie was almost 2 and the other child was in 6th grade.  They came here for vacation but wanted a sitter for Maddie while they went and explored Colorado every day.  They hired me without checking any references or even meeting me.  I picked Maddie up from the hotel each morning and brought her back each evening.  We spent the days swimming, at parks, walking the mall, coloring, and meeting up with friends and their kids.

2010 –

  • My work baby! – nickname reserved only for this fabulous kiddo.  I was hired as Michael’s nanny before he was born.  I remember joking with his Mom and Dad at the interview about The Office and feeling so excited at the possibility of working with them!  This was my first position where Mom really worked from home.  We became quick friends and Michael, of course, stole my heart right away.  I love that Michael’s nursery is Dr. Seuss and have so so many wonderful and sweet memories with this precious kiddo.  I worked for this family full time for less than a year but the bond will last a lifetime.  From holding him for hours on end through his first cold to teething and crawling and all sorts of adventures, this little buddy will always be a part of me.  We frequently walked around downtown, went on lunch dates, played at the park, went for walks, listened to music and read stories.  Most recently his love for the water cracks me up and inspires me.  I love this kid!  And still miss him everyday.

2011 –

  • Reece & Romy ended up being a very temporary position but I will never forget the experience of working with these kids.  They are lovely children with a few special needs.  Romy has given me the chance to learn sign language which has brought challenge and beauty to my life.  I am enjoying it even though it can be very exhausting to have such limited abilities to communicate.
  • Jaxson is a sweet little boy that is Michael’s age and tons of fun.  This is my first time working for a family where the mom is an identical twin and her twin lives literally across the street!  Pretty cool.  Jaxson loves being outside, playing with water and pushing anything and everything around.
  • Hannah & Emma are precious newborn adopted twins that I was hired to care for 4 overnights per week to give single mom (a doctor) sleep before she heads to work.  These girls nestled into my heart before I had even met them.  All I can say is that maybe my heart is SO ready to adopt that all my walls were down.  Since I only work at night the position as a whole literally (& figuratively!) feels like a dream.  I leave every morning wishing I could spend the day with them or better yet take them home with me!

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