Gelatin Prank


Michael and I had tons of fun exploring gelatin.  Here’s what I did:

Buy a box of Knox Gelatin at the grocery store (one box has 4 packs in it)

Follow the directions for gelatin using water instead of juice (I made all 4 packs at one time)

Pretty easy!  I gathered a couple of Michael’s plastic toys and a metal measuring spoon to put in the mold.  Next time I do this I might buy a couple of boxes and try making a couple differently shaped molds.  Another idea is to add food coloring to the gelatin.  No explanation needed…here are the photos!

The first thing he did was poke his finger in.

Patting it was fun.

How does it taste?

Making Progress!

I started piling crumbled gelatin onto his foot and he thought it was hillarious!

I think I might try this with older kids but maybe do something like blindfold them and not tell them whats in it or if you have older and younger you could include the older ones in making the gelatin and hiding younger kids toys in it.  Another messy project that would have been easier to deal with outside, but to me fun is always worth the mess!


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