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Discipline without Words


Yesterday was more of a challenge for me as I was tested by sweet Romy.  I’m not completely sure how much she can hear when wearing her hearing aids but I always talk anyway while using my limited signing abilities.  The morning was going great.  It only took me 4 guesses to pull down the game she wanted to play.  If you’re ever wondering what the sign for cherry is, here you go:

Cherry: Make a flat-O hand shape with one hand and extend the index finger of the other hand. Now gently twist your flat-O hand on the tip of the opposite index finger as if you were twisting the stem off the cherry.

She didn’t want to actually play High-Ho Cherry-O.  But the cherries were fun to play with, push around, pick up, put in and pull out of the buckets, etc….  After about 15 minutes of playing around with the little plastic cherries, she went over to the bin labled “Mr. Potato Head/Elmo.”   Check out this super organized play room!  Each bin is labeled and actually contains what it is supposed to!  the kids are under strict orders to only have one bin out at a time.

OK, so in order to maintain this level of organization, we needed to put the cherries away.  I began to pick up and signed for her to help me.

Help: Close your right hand and place it on the palm of your left hand in front of you. Then, lift both hands up together.

In true 4-year-old fashion, she crossed her arms, tucked in her chin and scowled at me, breaking the stare only to look at the bin she wanted and back at me.  Not knowing all of the signs, I nodded my head no and told her she needed to help me first and then we could play with the bin.  Nothing.  I sign what I can and repeat the sentence.  …  Nothing.  OK.  Has she heard me?

Am I communicating clearly enough to move on to consequences?  Its a little tricky.  But I gather from her attitude and knowing that she knows what it means when I pick up toys and sign for her to help.

So I tell her she can *help or *time out (signified by pointing to my arm where a watch should be and raising the pointing hand to an O shape.  I repeat a couple of times, looking at her…still nothing…and then count.  On my fingers of course.

1…2…3…ok.  *time out I sign.  She sits down.

Hmm…Surely she knows what is going on and understands exactly what she is doing.  I walk from the play room toward the time out spot and point.  Then I sign *time out again.  Nothing.

Time to pick her up and put her in time out.  I get her to the spot and walk away and then the fit begins.  Now, with a hearing child, at four years old I have a very clear picture of how to handle this situation.  Not so much when the majority of my signs at this point are food items!

We did eventually resolve it, she calmed down, we picked up the cherries, we played with Mr. Potato Head.  I spoke of it briefly with Romy’s Mom and she assured me I did great.

These moments are a struggle for me.  Not just because I am not proficient in ASL.  Even if I knew it all, how do I really know how much she understands?  She is a very sweet kid but definitely seems to be used to getting her way and not sharing and I wonder how much of her behavior has been allowed because of the communication challenge.

This is a much longer post that I intended it to be, but imagine it.  How would you discipline a child without talking?  With such limited communication?  I don’t want to just know enough sign to get by, and I don’t want Romy to know enough just to get by.  I want her and I to be able to thrive!  At four years old, most little girls I know are chatter boxes!  It saddens me that she is missing out on this both relationally and otherwise.  Just as she would have learned to speak hundreds of words by now, shouldn’t she be able to speak hundreds of signs?  Maybe she can?  This is such a new world for me and I am loving the challenge 🙂


A Day of Signs


Today was my first 5 hours alone with a 4 year old deaf girl named Romy 🙂  She’s really sweet and adorable and all in all we had a good day together!  Mostly for my sake (but just in case your curious 🙂 here are the signs I learned today- through lots of guessing to figure out what she was trying to communicate.  Hopefully I won’t forget these while I’m in Ohio!

A lot of signs make so much sense- but some of these…not so much.

Cracker: Cross one arm over your chest, make a fist with your opposite hand, and use the fist to tap the elbow of the crossed arm.

The sign for water: Make a W with your 3 middle fingers, touch your chin twice.

Frog: hold closed fist under chin, flick fingers out quickly as the legs of a frog when leaping

To sign potty, make your hand into a fist with thumb peeking out between the index finger and the middle finger. Hold the fist out and shake it around a little.

Cheese: Place your palms together, fingers touching opposite wrists, and then rub the heels of your palms together.

These were the basics of today 🙂  I also leaned ‘fast’ because who wants to be pushed on a swing any other way!  And her own personal sign for Caillou, her favorite cartoon.  Lots more to come, I’m sure!  I have to say, the most difficult part of my day was having her tap her elbow over and over again off and on for 15 minutes while I tried to guess that all this frustrated little girl wanted was a cracker!  A few other signs that she used frequently today were Mommy, please, thank you, more, candy and sticker.

Minute to Win it Games with Leah!! (LOTS OF PICTURES!)


Leah and I had so much fun yesterday and I couldn’t wait to share some photos of the event!!!  I’ve been spending so little time with kids lately that I’ve had little inspiration for this blog, so I’m really excited to share my latest!  And I am watching Leah for 3 days this week so there is sure to more coming!  WooHoo!  Anyway- First step, I completely cleared out our kitchen floor- moved table, chairs, trash can, and rugs and gathered all of our props.   

Each game was worth 10 points if accomplished in one minute, 5 points if accomplished but in more than one minute.  I typed up a simple goal thermometer for Leah to color in as we earned points.  It had marked points with different prizes and a list of the games for her to choose the order from.

I didn’t get photos of all of our games- especially the ones we did as a team, which is sad because these were our favorites by far!  So I decided to share the Blue Prints of those games instead 🙂

Iron Board Man

Ready Spaghetti

This is the first game I took pictures of- its called Stick To It- one player bounces ping pong balls to the other that they catch with lint rollers- 3 balls must be caught on each roller in one minute to win it!

Apparently we were both too excited to hold the camera still 😉

This next game is called Candy Elevator and Leah fount it very challenging.  I just didn’t like the burning rope feeling on the backs of my ears!  Tie string around two pencils. Loop string around your ears and pull down to lift 3 candies on pencils up into your mouth.  Leah was a great sport about it.

Get Forked was one of those games I’d heard about before.  I knew it would be really hard for both of us, so we bent the rules a bit and Leah and I were allowed to start a bit closer to the 2 forks (supposed to be only one…but it was hard!).  In all honesty, I’m not completely sure that made it easier!  After about 15 minutes of rotating 1 minute of throwing quarters at these two blasted forks we both managed to land quarters in the right spots 🙂

This one was much easier than I expected!  Pass a tic-tac through a space in a balanced tennis racquet into a cup.  Leah made it in her first minute!

Yikes this one was hard!  And frustrating!  But we were determined to get our full 10 points so we pressed on and finally (after some rule breaking of shifting erasers closer to center) the marble stayed on track!  Oh…the track is made of sections of staples pointy side up!

Goal:  Stack 5 (ok…rules say 6 but 5 was what I had) dice on a Popsicle stick in your mouth and hold for 3 seconds.  Took about 10 tries but she did it!

Blow Ball:  Fill a pizza pan with ping pong balls (it stated out with about 50 balls on it) and blow off all but the 3 marked ones.  Leah made it in literally 59 seconds- 1 second to spare!  I particularly loved the dogs going crazy over the balls as they fell from the pan 🙂

Flip Your Lid.  Leah was a pro at this one.  It took her about 5 tries and 30 seconds to flip a cup onto the bottle.  Amazing!

This was Card Ninja.  Throw a card into a watermelon so it sticks for 3 seconds.

It took  nearly the whole deck but she did it!  Way more challenging than I thought to get a card to fly straight!

Leah earned 145 points which earned her a trip to Pirate’s Cove (water park) in Denver on Thursday!!!  Can’t wait!!!  Pictures sure to follow 🙂

Beware:  If I watch your kids anytime in the near future, there is a GOOD chance I will try to incorporate some of these super fun games!

Look at THIS!!!!


I ran across this page with some really fun ideas and had to share!  I haven’t tried any of them yet but I plan to in a couple of weeks while I’m hanging out with Leah 🙂  Take a peak!  Enjoy!

I love the crayon idea, silhouette painting and so many more!  Please share if you try any of them!