I Am Whole


for Mira

In my secret life I am a mother

The baby that once was yet still remains

Needles pin my heart to clouds of hope

As I long to let go

of this dream that haunts me so

I wish to fully know

that I am whole.

Tantilizing whispers scorch my soul now

Baby showers, nursery rhymes, precious skin

Heaven kissed my life once with a shadow

Challenged me to embrace

Somehow without tiny face

Purpose burried in this place

and I am whole.

My tears have found solace in compassion

But grief demands to dig deep barbed roots

Divinely empowered against gripped weeds

I stand on solid ground

My Savior turns me around

I struggle but I’m found

so I am whole.

Ever in my heart I am a mother

Despite the blows of pain and fear and doubt

I fight to dwell in purchased peace and joy

He gently takes my hand

Seeks my faith in what He’s planned

Fills my courage cup to stand

for I am whole.



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  2. Wow Emma- thank you so much for sharing that- so amazing to be able to read something and have a glimpse into your heart. God has been so good to you, and I will continue to pray for healing and growth thru your grief. I love you my friend and wish I could give you a hug.

  3. I am so humbled and blessed by all of the encouragement! Thank you- to everyone who has taken the time to read and comment on my poem! It has really encouraged me to keep writing. Blessings!

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