Passion #1


Welcome to the world of a Childless Mother!  Here I will share all of the fascinating things I find about kids, adventures I undertake with kids “on loan” to me by their parents and occasionally the heartache of unfulfilled desire.  Child development amazes me and the wonder of learning and sharing, teaching and loving kids is a life giving force to my heart and soul.  There are SO many adventures to be had with kids!

Here is one of the things I am MOST passionate about:

Reading to Kids!



*Comprehension levels from listening and reading do not equal out until around 9th grade!  Even if your child has learned to read, continue reading to them!  There are SO may benefits!

*The children’s chapter books and beyond that are being published today have significantly more words with single syllables and sentences with simple construction than otherwise.  Expose your children to classic literature; their vocabulary and literary intelligence will soar!

*The Read Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease is a fabulous resource on this subject.  Check it out!  And let me know what you think!

Along these lines I frequently explore the world of children’s literature and keep up on the trends.  I even dream of one day writing children’s books of my own!  I look forward to sharing what I find.


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  1. that was awesome! I am going to find that book you recommended. I have always heard that we should read classics to kids, but never heard why- how you explained it was so simple, but made so much sense- thanks for your insight- I am gonna love this blog 🙂 love you Emma

  2. Thanks for sharing this, very helpful to me! Do you have any ideas of what books I should be reading to Lando…when we go back to the states I want to stock up so I am always looking for ideas…classics or new?…

    • Hi Laurel! Thanks for stopping by! I’m so happy it might actually be helpful to someone! To give you some book recommendations, what are the criteria you’re looking for in a book? How old is he? What other personal preferences do you have? Then I’d love to give you some ideas. I’m thinking maybe I’ll do a post about how I pick books at the library. But I do have at least a few specific suggestions in each category. 🙂

      • yes! yes! please do the post for how you search your library… I have just been figuring out my own method online- searching and putting books on hold- I would love to have more ideas 🙂

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